Bonus Post: Orchestral Manoeuvres

Hey, folks! This bonus post comes from I can’t tell you how proud I am to be associated with this piece of magic….

“So, all six legs of the collective were in the same room last week. And we thought, “Since we’re all together, why not get in a full orchestra to fill out the emotional finalé of The Treacherous Brain?”

The Professor wasn’t sure we could get the kettle drums past the couch, but when we moved the brass onto the deck, the acoustics worked out remarkably well.

Hear for yourselves:

Get your hankies out. I don’t think Ricky’s gonna get through this one….”

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2 thoughts on “Bonus Post: Orchestral Manoeuvres

  1. Finally caught up on 3 weeks of apoplexy.

    Perhaps one day I’ll get a chance to see The Treacherous Brain live. Or quasi live. i.e. a Translatlantic live with pre-recorded accompaniment shindig. You do perform it a bit like Rocky Horror, don’t you? Minus the fetishwear.

    1. Well that really does depend on whether you take a Ballardian view of fetishwear that might incorporate bloodied head bandages.

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