5 thoughts on “The Kaleidoscope EP, Pt. 2

  1. Great story. I hadn’t known that. So hard to find any info about these guys online. So cool you met her!

    Anyway, to the prompts:

    1: Very nice. We grilled steak outdoors in the snow in PA (see #4)
    2: “My Tiny Letter Subscription”
    3: None really. Sort of weird teenage years. Probably DC or band camp or something. Nothing really comes to mind. Of course, this was pre-wall coming down for me, so you know, communism and stuff.
    4: I welded back together a part of a broken snow plow this weekend. Was that on the times quiz?
    5: Lots occurs to me. But right now it’s mostly just about 3D printing and side projects and stuff

    1. I know, right?! I still maintain, if that second album had gotten a proper release things would have been very different. But, it was really cool. I keep wanting to write a story about Birds Fate, somehow. But I wouldn’t even know where to start.


      1. Glad to hear it.The snow Dalek just materialised, though? Nothing to do with you?
      2. Pfft. The T&Cs clearly DQ you from this competition.
      3. Yeah, that question seemed a bit douchey as I re-read it. But it was just me and a pal getting a chance to stay with a mate in a kind of council estate for a few days. I reflect on it affectionately. Around summer ’92, I think, and already very post-Communism. The kind-of-reverse situation in Hong Kong is very interesting to me right now. But not so interesting that I’m reading too much about it.
      4. Let’s just say, you scored 100% on “The act of chopping down a large tree is… (C) Easy, because you have a massive chainsaw.” But, what’s the beard sitch?
      5. Saw the recent Vine(?). Of course, my favourite aspect of the printer is the oddly human movement. Oh, and would you like me to go in an delete that “just” for you?

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