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Embra Calling

Or maybe it was Michael Howard? "Peepil, peepil who need peepil"
I’m pretty sure that was Barbra Streisand, wasn’t it?

The conversation got to the author remarking that he hadn’t listened to much more-or-less-political music with the impact of Strummer’s work (with and without The Clash) since the late punk’s death.

Conversely, I don’t seem to be able to listen to anything that isn’t angry about something right now. Not least since, now he’s five, the Wee Man is all

Public Enemy, the Bee Gees or die, Sucker!

My son, every day (not really (but yeah, kinda))

Maybe by the end of the month, I can expand his palette to include Run The Jewels, Sleaford Mods and the great new(ish) Leith/Peebles band I checked out at the Banshee Labyrinth last month, Gutterblood.

Poor wee sod.

Oh yeah, and Mrs Stroke Bloke stumbled across an article about Killer Mike from Run The Jewels in the paper today.

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