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So, apoplectic.me went public to friends and family on Monday — or, at least, those whose e-mail addresses were readily accessible — and the early responses have been very lovely and encouraging.  Please do keep those comments coming — it’ll motivate me keep up with the planned twice-weekly updates on Mondays and Thursdays.  In the meantime, let’s talk about skinny, funny, well-accessorized young stroke patients with good ink.

One response in particular (to the blog going overground) gave me pause.  A friend mentioned a charming college contemporary who had a massive aneurysm in his mid-late thirties, and a family member who suffered a traumatic brain injury at 20.  This reminded me of what a shocking sight it was to walk into the gym at the hospital and see the number of young men and women working through their rehab.  It was a parade of young, tattooed-up (relative) youngsters with hipster haircuts and glasses (hiya!).  I expected the cast of Girls to walk in the door at any second.

I even mentioned to Beth one day that there was surely an OKCupid article to be had in directing NYC’s young single women to the stroke wards — there were skinny (I’d lost 30lbs!), funny, well accessorized young men with good ink (hi again!) everywhere.  And if that came to nothing, there were sure to be elderly, sclerotic, well-heeled professional men on the verge of death more than willing to take their places.  In fact, hanging around the hospital gym, I began to feel like the new, uncool kid.  I started making up stories in my head about how I fell on my head throwing my classic Triumph motorcycle around a hairpin bend.  I told Beth this, and she pointed out that having one’s stroke while making love to someone whose skills could put you in hospital for two months was probably a better and, what’s more, a more manly, story.  So I turned back to the parallel bars, and continued my sidesteps…

More site news: This post (and all previous posts) should have some fancy social media buttons below (Thanks for the link, NRS!).  Now apoplexy is easier to share than ever.  If you’re enjoying the adventures of Stroke Bloke in http://www.apoplectic.me, pass it along.  Every person that sees apopectic.me gets us closer to a young stroke patient who could use our company.  Fingers crossed.

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3 thoughts on “Updates Mondays and Thursdays / Young Stroke Team

  1. RE: “…she pointed out that having one’s stroke while making love to someone whose skills could put you in hospital for two months…”

    The first few times you mentioned that this was the Moment of Stroke, I thought you were joking! If not, where’s the post about that? (No deets necessary about the “skills” — but it must have been an almost cinematical scene.)

    Keep up the great writing!

  2. Thanks, Lisa!

    Well, your decision to appoint La Monahan relationships advisor for The Oppy looks pretty prescient, doesn’t it?

    [Still keeping the powder dry on the pre-release-from-hospital aspects of Strokefest 2012. Stay tuned.]

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