Cairnpapple Hill

Tiny Letter readers will know that Mrs Stroke Bloke and I visited Cairnpapple Hill in central Scotland last weekend. It was an enlightening trip, in light of last week’s post on ’80s movies. Like Withnail and Marwood, we came across a bull in a field. And turning to an obvious omission pointed out by Atletico … Continue reading Cairnpapple Hill

These Things

Yesterday, Mrs Stroke Bloke sent me a link to what, at first, looked like an article in The Onion. New study says 38-year-old men like “Creep” — Stereogum (@stereogum) February 12, 2018 I mean, seriously, right? Clumsily cut and paste Joe Biden’s head onto that, sit back, and watch the advertising dollars roll in. … Continue reading These Things


Last week’s proto-rant finished with the shock news that Donald Trump’s supposed favourite song is all kinds of awesome. And hey, as of 5:08 PM today, Theresa May’s still Prime Minister at the sufferance of a Conservative party none of whom want to win Pass the Brexit Parcel of Shit. So, let’s check out Theresa’s Desert … Continue reading Muppets

The Sound of [Young] Scotland

Mrs Stroke Bloke and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary this past weekend. And what a pleasant day our anniversary was. We started off at the Scottish Gallery of Modern Art, which was featuring a Bridget Riley exhibition. I found that some of the impact  of seeing her work for the first time in New … Continue reading The Sound of [Young] Scotland

Thought For The Day

My love for BBC Radio 4’s PM programme, as hosted by Eddie Mair, is well-documented on this website (1, 2). During #indyref the first, I remember him conducting one of the better interviews I heard with Scotland’s First Minister. However, it’s becoming increasingly apparent – from, for example, the Today programme’s coverage of yesterday’s news … Continue reading Thought For The Day

The Elephant’s Nelly

Last week’s post was described by The Prof as a perfect distillation of an post – presumably in the hope that I would JUST STOP ALREADY!!! Well, I won’t. Because I distilled it even further, and it was presented on Broadcasting Giant Eddie Mair‘s Radio 4 PM show on 5th August. [Can’t stop, won’t … Continue reading The Elephant’s Nelly